RuneQuest World Server Opens Tomorrow


New style strategy herobattle, Runequest, world server opens tomorrow! Explore the land, build up your hero power and defeat enemies by smart use of skills and runeshards. Engage players in worldwide server, begin a cross-realm invasion to gain huge amount of resources!


Open time is scheduled to be: 10:00am (GMT-6),

Or 16:00pm (GMT+0)

Or 22:00pm (GMT+8)


Download will be available shortly before server opens, we have prepared various activities for it!


1. Go to runequest.t1gamer.com and claim a free gift code(can be found on right side of website) which contains several in-game items. You could claim it before server opens and use the code after the game is available.


2. 7-Day Login Event

Get different supplies by login each day, including runes, gold, experience potions, or even diamond (in 2nd and 7th day).


3. 30-Day Login Event

Obtain and empower “Evocator” Aladia, a caster wielding planar power. He protects the team from magic attacks, reduces healing effects from enemies, and is able to heal the team. His potency in countering caster enemies makes him well worth to be taken into your arsenal. You will also get great amount of resources from the event.


4. Level Up Gifts

Obtain fragments of Naria Swiftarrow by reaching certain group level. Naria is a shooter who deals heavy single-target damage and can reduce attack damage of enemies. She is a good physical damage dealer for early gamers and can become powerful if evolve further.


5. New Hero Pack

Recharge a small amount and gain a powerful buffer, Vivian, along with abundant resource bonus. Vivian is expertise in increasing physical and magical defense of the team, with a self-heal ability. Her prayer can fully restores a hero’s HP and can be used once per battle.

Note that there are recharge events further empowers Vivian.


6. Blackmarket Hero Sale

Various heroes appear in black market at a discounted price. Choose the one to enhance your formation!


Want to know which hero to pick up? See www.facebook.com/runequestgame for constant updated information.

Also, discuss with worldwide players via Whatsapp Group:



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